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    Why doesn’t the book give some information on what things do mechanically?

    For example, how many directions Boars and Hawks can attack from, and what’s their range of attack. I’ve found it extremely annoying to try to play the game without knowing these things. More often then not a map tile isn’t set up in a way I can explore these things for myself, and the game itself punishes me too much for trying to learn monsters’ behavior on my own.

    Having a puzzle + unknown behavior has not be enjoyable when I encounter new creatures. It’s mostly because ‘exploring’ new things usually kills me or moves me to a different puzzle tile before I can learn what it’s doing.

    The gameplay tends to lead you to believe you can run into a puzzle and do the best you can, and in that case, not having the information would be fine. But in practice I find many puzzles require me to analyze it for couple minutes before making a single move (if I actually want open doors/save children). Not having this information available usually means figuring out a puzzle before it’s too late just isn’t possible (which is effectively a puzzle with no solution – not fun).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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