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    i don’t know how to pull up pictures, but my bolt deck has these units;

    Jion X2


    Loom X2

    Lyss X2

    Molo X2






    Doro X2

    and the ace up my sleeve, the commander :)

    back: 2 atk squire, 2 arrow
    front: 2 bolt, 1 drain

    the deck works like this;
    1# i ALWAYS get loom first, then doro almost always appears in the next recruit (sometimes ino will appear) i play these in the back row.
    2# next i usually get a unit (either lyss, tempest, or molo) the only one i play in the front is molo.
    3# by now i can to add two more resource units
    4# play a powerful card such as ink, jimein, or raphiel. the opponent will have no choice but to counter the high attack power with more units or the bolt by reducing the units. these always go to the front
    5# they just dug their grave. play a high damager if you haven’t the last turn and play a Ink or Raphiel if you haven’t already.
    6# once you have Jimein, ink, and Raphiel out, move tempest to the front row. no matter what your opponent does, you will always come out on top. (except if they have a late game wood deck with 2 blights or something.

    strong against: mid to late game decks (especially gold)
    average against: wound decks (raphiel, Chal, rauny, and ino counter this nicely)
    weak against: rush decks

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    You don’t have Mana and Rorth? That’s not good.

    With your 16-card deck, the odds of getting something t2-playable (i.e. Doro, Doro, Ino, Loom) is 75%.



    i can also disband loom if there is a lyss.

    i already have plenty of resource units and more would just clog up my late draws. (i appreciate your concern though)

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