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    Can anyone confirm the need to bot triple castles in later stages of the game? I seem to recall reading it somewhere, and it seems logical because once one side of the board is filled with triple castles (around 10m points) the game gets *really* hard. Unfortunately on my last high scoring game I took the plunge and botted one, only to fall back far enough that my game ended before I was able to get back to the same point level.

    Related question, does the game “remember” what went into a structure that you bot? I noticed that if you bot certain triple castles you lose 2M points, while others only deduct 1M?

    Another related question, are the all-time high scores of 30M on GameCenter legit?

    Serious props to the developers – This is the *only* game I play consistently on my iPhone. tremendous replay value.


    In the versions where it is allowed, botting of Triple Castles is a very useful strategy for clearing space to prevent the “game over” situation of a full board. However, this isn’t really in the spirit of the game; the whole point of Triple Town is to see how far you can play against an ever-decreasing amount of space. This is the reason that botting of Castles and above is now prevented in the Facebook and Google+ versions of the game.

    Point penalties are different depending on which version of the game you’re playing. In the mobile versions of the game, the penalty is a multiple of the final point value awarded for the structure. E.g., making a House awards you 1500 points, and the penalty is either 1x, 2x, or 4x that value. In version 1.21 the penalty could either be 2x or 4x (the 4x was due to a bug). I believe that the bug was fixed in version 1.23, so that all penalties in versions 1.23 and 1.24 are 2x. The penalties are also 2x in versions 1.34-1.36; however for versions 1.54-1.63 the penalty is reduced to 1x. My guess is that your observation about being penalized either 1M or 2M points for botting a Triple Castle occurred on version 1.21–making a Triple Castle awards you 500K points, and 1M and 2M are 2x and 4x that, respectively.

    If the structure is a “super” structure (made with more 4 or more of the lower component) then the award was 2x the award for the normal structure, and the penalty is based on the increased value. E.g., building a Super House awards you 3000 points, and botting it penalizes you based on the 3000 value, not the 1500 value.

    As far as the penalties go, the history of how a structure was built does not matter. E.g., the penalty for botting a Super House is the same 3000 points times the 1x, 2x, or 4x multiplier, regardless of whether you made your Super House with 4 Normal Huts or 9 Super Huts. Use of Crystals in the building process is not factored in, either.

    On Facebook and Google+, for quite a while we used a 1x multiplier as the penalty; however the scoring rules recently changed such that, rather than using a multiplier, there is a hand-picked penalty for each type of structure. E.g., building Bushes and Houses awards you 20 and 1500 points, respectively, but botting Bushes and Houses penalizes you 40 and 4000 points, respectively–the first happens to be 2x the award, but the second happens to be 2.67x the award. Again, we don’t factor in the history of how a structure was built; the only thing that matters is whether the item being botted is currently super or normal.

    I’ve created an FAQ so that folks reading this post can have more up-to-date information as the game continues to evolve. The URL for the FAQ is:

    I couldn’t say whether the existing 30M high scores on Game Center are legitimate. There certainly are some cheaters out there, but there are also some very skilled players and I don’t know personally know where the line is, especially under the 2x and 4x penalties of v1.21 (which is the most recent version iOS had until earlier this week). However, now that mobile’s penalty multiplier is reduced to 1x and botting of Triple Castles is still allowed on mobile, 30M is probably easily within reach for the extremely skilled players while still being very far out of reach for less-skilled players like me. I’m saying this based on the handful of scores above 30M that I’ve seen from the Facebook and Google+ versions, which used roughly this set of scoring and botting rules until recently (one of these scores is from a personal acquaintance of folks at the company–we’re pretty sure that he didn’t cheat).



    thanks for the detailed reply!

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