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    Hi folks!

    If you play the Android version of Triple Town, and if you downloaded that version from Google Play (*not* Amazon’s App Store or any other distributor) you can now join our new beta group! Joining the group will give you access to new features, bug fixes and other goodness *before* the general public receives them! :-) Of course, some of our beta udpates will also introduce bugs of their own (catching those bugs is the whole point of a beta group) so please don’t join if you really can’t tolerate any amount of instability or buginess!

    It is free to join the beta group. Just click the little blue “join group” button, after you follow that link.) Please make sure that you are joining the group with the SAME Google user account that you use to sign into your Android device and play Triple Town! Otherwise, this won’t work!

    PS. We have no beta tests planned in the next week, but you know us; we’re always making changes (some small, some large.) It’ll happen soon enough. :-)



    hi… I cant find the blue button / join group. can you help me ?


    If you are signed into Google (please sign in, if you aren’t), you should see the following when you click the link:

    Triple Town Android beta testers
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    And right next to “0 of 0 topics”, a little blue button that says “Join group”

    If you don’t, I’m not sure why!



    Hi folks! I’m Andrew, the developer who maintains Triple Town on iOS and Android devices.

    We just launched our first beta through the google group. If you are a member of the group, or want to join in, go here to read the details:!forum/triple-town-android-beta-testers

    To keep up to date with new beta news, you can ask the google group to email you. Just follow these instructions:
    * Go to the google group through the link above
    * Click the person/cog “my settings” icon
    * Click “membership and email settings”
    * In the dropdown, choose daily summaries or every message

    We will only post when there’s a new beta, which should be every 4-8 weeks. We will never spam you!

    Thanks again for helping us out!



    Hey folks,

    Android version 1.89 is now in beta!

    If you signed up previously, and never unsubscribed, you should be updated to the beta automatically. If you want to join the beta, check out my post here:

    There are two major new features in Triple Town 1.89:

    – Robin Bear mode is available to players who bought unlimited turns. It features our first new bear since launch, a cheeky thief called Robin Bear. He wanders around like a regular bear most of the time, but If he ends his turn next to a building, he’ll steal some points from you. Then next turn he’ll jump like a ninja! The chaos Robin can cause is a lot of fun.

    – A new Fall skin for the game, buyable with coins or as an in-app purchase. Paint your town in golden hues and pumpkin patches!

    As ever, if you have any troubles with the beta, pleas email with the subject line “tripletown beta”.


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