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    I was just wondering if there was a general balance topic, & seeing how I couldn’t find any, I’d thought I’d just make one!

    I don’t want this to become a QQ thread, so please keep your opinions insightful and civil.

    For now just a list of things I think are currently OP/UP.

    – Commanders with duplicate abilities (fixed in next update)
    – Defense (has no real counter Imo)
    – Spike(Borderline OP, kinda isn’t really, but he pretty much gets a guaranteed place in any gold deck that can afford him.)
    – knockout (too easy to play around)

    Feel free to post your own opinions about what should & shouldn’t be on the list.



    Good points imo except perhaps on spike. I would argue that the recent patch was a huge nerf to spike due to the fact that you can stack def on champions for very little cost now. This combined with the units that already had decent defense makes it really hard for spike to be viable imo. With spike, if you spend 15g and aren’t able to wound multiple units it’s always advantage to the other guy. I think if anything, spike could actually be reverted to his old cost at around 12-13g instead of 15. With the other cheaper wound units it’s not as big of a deal b/c their cost is comparatively very low.



    I think’s his costing is fine, just that he may need an additional wound (or consider if he had 1 attack). If his cost was any lower, then rush decks won’t be viable anymore. I just think that if every army that can use him does, then it’s shafting army flexibility, & “proving” how OP he is. Rune probably is a better replacement, hence the “borderline”.

    Thinking about it, knockout could easily be buffed if it could somehow stop healing (or do damage to defense).



    first u say hes op then u would give him +1 wound or attack. I think spike is just an annoying unit that got nerfed a lot whit many def units and comanders which can stack def. Chears to that



    What I meant was that if defense wasn’t OP right now, spike would be. (& perhaps vice versa?)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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