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    Just wanted to tell you that I didn’t harm any of the special-needs bears. Neither any other bear, living creature and plush toy. My contribution to your contest was pure fiction and a weak try to do both: taking part and telling you how hardly I am waiting for a Triple Town version for Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS. So, if I upset or frightened anyone, let me say how sorry I am and that it was no threat against you and no threat against anyone else.

    Congratulations to the winners, I’d love to read what mischief Pox and Fries are up to. ;-)

    *taking the opportunity, now as I have your attention* So, what’s up with Triple Town DS? Any concrete plans? I’ve tried ‘Fishdom DS’ and it was bad. ‘Bejeweled DS’ is… well, ok. Only sunshine on a cloudy day is ‘Puzzle Quest: Challange of the warlords DS’, which is also a match-3 game but it’s different as there are enemies that have to be defeated. It’s really overdue for Triple Town to conquer Nintendo consoles.

    I’d love to have Triple Town as it is now (especially with saving after every move so that I can turn off the DS without finishing town and with NO time limit). A big extra would be a multiplayer mode in which one can send unloved parts to the opponent to block his board (remember good old days with Tetris battles on a black/white screen on Nintendo’s Game Boy? ;-) ) What else? *thinking* Nothing that important… Just tell me that my wish is on it’s way and it is available in stores about mid of November so that everyone can have a ‘Triple Town DS’ under the Christmas tree in time… ;-)

    Thanx for reading and thanx for Triple Town!

    Have a nice day!



    Hey Zanilla — I wish I could tell you that we’re working on a version of Triple Town for the DS! Unfortunately we’re not; the next version is for PC/Mac. If we do decide to make a DS version we will certainly announce it here.



    Hi Dave!
    Thanx for your answer. :-) I guess a PC-Version is better than nothing. :-) Internet is a great thing but it’s very changeable and I’ve seen lots of good things show up and disappear later. I am really glad there was no Internet and no online games when I grew up so I had to spend all my pocket money in PC games. Back then it was a real problem as pocket money was always short but nowadays I am very very happy about this fact. So I still can play great games like Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island and Sam and Max. Meanwhile my little girl loves them as much as I did back then. Be asured that I will add a copy of Triple Town to that ‘classic’ collection. ;-)
    Thanx for this great information, keep up the good work and lots of greetings to you and the rest of the Spryfox Team!



    Hi again ;-)
    I’ve been thinking about PC/Mac version of Triple Town. It would be great to have different *users? accounts?* on one computer so each member of our family can have it’s own cities and we can battle for highscores. Also would be great to have some kind of personal high scores like Zanilla’s top 10. Not most important but interesting would be to have some online modus where one can post high scores. I definitely will not be best but I am curious what other players are up to. Have you ever seen that youtube video with 20 millions high score? I wonder how many people can manage this.
    When is PC version expected to be published? This winter? Spring? Later?
    Bye, Zanilla


    Don’t have an ETA on the PC version for you, but hopefully soon. Maybe a month or two? It’s all up in the air because of the holiday season; might have trouble getting into an open release window.



    I’m curious… can you tell anything about the PC version yet? There will be no move limitation I assume? What’s the difference compared to the online version? Any alterations?
    Bye, Zanilla



    Oh, forgot something…

    Dave, thanx a million for answering every time I ask. :-)

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