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    Daniel Yokomizo

    Google+ just announced they’re retiring their games platform. Me and my wife are avid TT players on G+ and we would like to know if there’s any way/plans for migrating the gamestate (e.g. capital city, currently ongoing games, etc.) to FB (or another platform). Currently I have a 8 million point city that would be a shame to lose :p



    +1 to this!


    As you’ve mentioned, Triple Town for Google+ is being discontinued along with all other games on Google+ at the end of June, but please don’t worry! Players on Google+ will be able to migrate their progress/purchases to the Facebook version. We plan on starting this migration process sometime within the next few weeks.

    IMPORTANT things to keep in mind for the migration:

    – Migration is voluntary. Once we’ve added this feature, you will be able to migrate your progress at your convenience…however, if you wish to migrate your game, please do so BEFORE JUNE 30TH. Otherwise, your game progress could become lost!

    – If you have already have progress on Triple Town for Facebook, the migration will overwrite your progress with progress from Triple Town for Google+. Please keep that in mind before committing to the migration! (In other words, if you like the state of your game on Facebook better than the state of your game on Google+, *don’t* do the migration.)

    You will be notified directly on your Triple Town game in Google+ when the migration feature is added. Please log in from time to time to check if the migration feature has been added, and make sure you get your game migrated before June 30th!


    Daniel Yokomizo

    Awesome, thanks.


    The migration tool is now live. Please log in to your game in Google+ and follow the prompts to migrate your game. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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