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    At the very begining of the game, players wanted something different. They complained that the result of a match would always be a 7v7 battle at the end. Developers responded to these complaints and introduced "Acolytes". This guide is to educate my fellow HG members, because I have seen several people react different to this style of play, from "How did you do that?" to "-beep- you you mother -beep- -beep- cheater".

    What are Acolytes, and what do they do?
    Unlike Arthur, Ashara, and Driaga, who buff their counterparts on the front row, Acolytes are buffed from the Wizards on the back row. The ability that buffs these wizards is called "Zealot". Often users won't refer Acolytes, as Acolytes, but instead Zealot.

    Acolytes are Gold, but Wizards are Crystal, are these decks mixed?
    Yes, Acolyte decks are mixed. They are unique because they require gold, but survive from their crystal wizard counterparts. If you plan on building an Acolyte deck then be prepared to either choose “The Helm” 2g 1c 3r city, or “Crystal Camp” 2c 1g 3r city. The good part about mixed cities is that you get more production than “Dwila” 2c 4r, or “Tital Ridge” 2g 4r, but you get less recruit which is one of the big disadvantages of having a mixed deck.

    What are the Pros and Cons of a Acolyte Deck?

    1. Limited amount of recruit, requires more recruit, a smaller deck, or both. This makes starts either very good or bad, which isn’t a mono-gold or mono-crystal deck.
    2. Does not have the huge attacking numbers as other decks do. (Until Jade is released, but this point is still valid)
    3. Heavy Multi-Wound, and many Rush decks easily defeat this deck.
    4. This deck is very predictable
    5. This is a come-from-behind deck. There are times when you have 1 or 2 HP left when you start to win, which may not be your winning style.

    1. If used correctly, this deck is a mass wound deck, and will cut through anything like sliced cheese.
    2. This deck is strong against bolt, defensive (Skeleton), and non-defensive (most of everything else) decks.

    How does an Acolyte deck win?
    Option 1 (Fireball):
    Because Acolytes do not deal as much damage as other decks do, they have to trust their wizard counterparts to do the job. The main 2 wizards that they trust are “Yaran” and “Branan”. These two wizards use an ability called “Fireball”. Unlike Spike’s “Wound”, which is a vertical wound, Fireball is the horizontal wound. Also, unlike Spike, who utilizes the wound during the battle phase, Fireball is utilized after battle phase. This means, if an Acolyte has attacked a unit with defense, then Fireball is free to wound the defenseless unit. Because the opponent is constantly being wounded from both the front and back, it is very difficult for the opponent to produce enough gold or crystal to sufficiently defend itself. The opponent has to resort to slowly disbanding units, which in the end, hurts the opponent more than help it, and result in the win for the Acolyte user.

    Option 2 (Switch one, two, or all):
    Sometimes you get an opponent that is using massive heal, and the result is that you aren’t winning the way you want. You may have to switch your bolt wizards out, or your fireball wizards, or all of them, if all your Acolytes are all wounded. This is common against opponents, but usually the combination of Bolt + 20 damage is enough to finish someone with 1-2 HP left. (No image of this yet)

    How do I build a successful Acolyte deck?
    Now that you know who, what, how to play, and how win with them, you are ready to build a successful deck. What exactly do I need in it? First, as described above, you will need to choose which mixed city you would want to choose. After you decide which city to choose, then you have to answer the following two questions, “Who will be my small producers?” and “Who will be my answer to recruit?” There are advantages and disadvantages for both types of cities.

    For a Helm deck, your advantage is gold, which means you can use producers/recruiters units like “Hagel”, “Kaite”, and “Gerrnt”.

    For a Crystal Camp deck, your advantage is crystal, which means you can use producers/recruiters/stealers units like “Berna”, “Gage”, and “Mana”.

    Also, don’t forget the 1g or 1c producers that give 100% disband value like “Lyon”, “Hiro”, “Yuo”, and “Tanturum”.

    Lastly, you will need to mix and choose between your wizards. With “Branan”, and “Yaran” above, it good to have “Tempest” be a producer, and extra recruiters with “Jion”, “Striker”, and “Ink”.

    The mixture of producers, recruiters, wizards, and acolytes is up to you. This is all up to you to make a successful deck! I hope I have given you enough information to build a good Acolyte deck, and I hope to be able to play you one day.

    Have fun!

    Revisions and notes:
    2013/4/9- Initial start of guide. This guide still needs some editing even though the info is there.

    g = Gold
    c = Crystal
    r = Recruit

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    Good work



    i don’t have half of the cards you listed but i went like 15/15 with my acolyte deck yesterday. though i didn’t play anyone worth more than about 13k.

    i find that the single cost resource producers have a higher probability of screwing your progression than helping. I do the 2 gold, 1 crystal city and my only 2 gold units and hagel and bin x 2. if you only had bins, you’d be guaranteed to be able to bring out durants and/or stealers on turn 2. get one of each and you just set back your opponent like 3 turns.

    i also don’t use kaite. i use durant and the crystal guy that costs 3 and has 1 heal + 1 recruit back row. or berna if i’m really desperate. though i usually have enough with the aforementioned heal + recruit guy and/or durant and/or striker and/or jion.



    You will start figuring out that most new players don’t know how to play zealot. A lot of players can’t handle the constant fireball + attack anyway, which is why zealot decks usually win.

    I have different decks, and one of them is a “Kuribo Zealot” deck which is a combination 2 Lyon, 2 Yuo, 2 Hagel, 1 Mana, and does well against most decks. The important thing to note is that your foundation of recruit/producers must be very strong.

    Edit: I’ll be updating this guide probably by tomorrow.

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 6 months ago by  Spanky.


    i removed hagel from my deck and replaced him with a second loom. my only two cards that cost 2 gold are bin x2. so i’m guaranteed to have one of them on the first turn and have 3 gold and 2 crystal on the next turn. in a perfect world i get a durant and a stealer and that sets them so far back that they’re almost screwed at that point. occasionally i get a bad second turn and can’t play anything. i’ve actually not been able to play anything on the 3rd turn once or twice. but that’s the risk you take with 3 recruit. i’d much rather get the resource engine humming that hedge by playing a kaite on the first turn.

    the deck loses to speed and loses to steal in most circumstances. but it plays really well against others. i love seeing ink or spike when i only need 2 front row cards to do my damage.



    Any thoughts on including Jacen, for those of us who are lucky enough to have him?



    doesn’t he cost like 12? my most expensive units cost 6 (lare and tempest) and it’s a struggle at times to get them out. and honestly you really don’t need him. 2x bin and 2x lare in the front row with 6 wizards in the back is 44 damage per turn. and your fireballers in the back row are decimating your opponent if you get to that point. if this deck makes it to end game, it almost always wins. the exception for me has been double arthur decks or double sliver decks.



    Hmm – yeah. I just tried a game and had a bit of an issue getting him out. Additionally, Crystal Camp decks have a bit of an issue getting Jade out. Both seem damn night impossible.



    Thanks for the guide! with yor help i managed to make a great crystal camp acolyte deck!



    i’d love to see an update to this now that gage and berna cost more.

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