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    I married Fleur. Then I married this other girl with the antlers, whatever her name is, and she moved in too and Fleur was crying, which I assume is the intended behaviour. So then I started giving gifts to Fleur to cheer her up and was given the option to marry her again. (I guess we implicitly got divorced when I married Antler Girl? But then why is she still in my house?) None of that is necessarily a bug, but when I re-married Fleur… now there are two of her in my house, which I assume is not intended.

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    Duplication of a spouse wasn’t intended, but we discovered the bug prior to launch and thought it was fun so we left it in. As one of my colleagues put it, “Hah, that certainly is an amazing bedroom.”

    I don’t believe there are automatic implicit divorces when an additional spouse marries into the family. But it is possible for one’s relationship level with a Spouse to drop to Lovers. I think it was just coincidence that in your case the drop with Fleur happened to coincide with your marriage to Archer Girl. You’re right that former Spouses don’t move out when they drop back to Lovers–feel free to make up a story about why this is the case.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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