Steambirds Alliance


Steambirds Alliance is a massively cooperative bullet-hell shooter that is currently in development. It is essentially the union of two of our previous, very different games: Steambirds, an aerial combat strategy game, and Realm of the Mad God, another bullet-hell MMO.

We recently unveiled Steambirds Alliance at PAX Prime 2015, where attendees were able to play the alpha build. You can see a video of some people playing here (we recommend that you watch it in full screen and set it to high resolution, so you can see more of the details):

If you are interested in playing Steambirds Alliance, we will eventually be inviting a small number of players to join us during the game’s development as “closed alpha” and “closed beta” playtesters. We will announce this via our Facebook and Twitter accounts and via our newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this webpage.

Additionally, almost every Friday at 11am PST we livestream our internal playtests of the game; you can watch along and chat with us on Twitch! If you can’t make it to the livestreams but want to see videos of them after the fact, you can find them on YouTube.

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