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    My Capitol City (in the Steam version of Triple Town) is showing two boats for the “City on an Island” board. Both of them take me to the same game board. I don’t understand what changes the availability of the non-standard city types, but to me having only three choices instead of four is undesirable.


    That sounds like a bug. The game should present at most one boat of any particular type. The non-standards boats change daily, so long as there is not an active game for that type of boat. (E.g., if you have a Peaceful Valley boat and an active Peaceful Valley game, that boat won’t leave. However, if you don’t have an active Peaceful Valley game, then a different boat might take its place tomorrow. You can tell which boats have active games because their sails are deployed.)

    Assuming that the two “City on an Island” boats are still there, could you please attempt to generate a log file for us? To do so, first click somewhere on the game (e.g., on the water surrounding the Capital City), then press Ctrl-Shift-L. This may pop up a window with some logging information. If it does, please copy and paste that into a text file or Word document and email it to (It may also try to take you to a new URL rather than show you any logging information. If so, don’t worry about trying to get us the logging information.) Don’t paste the log directly into the body of an email as sometimes the contents get cut off and we can’t see the end of the log.

    As far as making one or both of those boats go away, I’ve never heard of this occurring before. My best guess is that if you finish your in-progress “City on an Island” game and wait for 24 hours, those boats will switch out and you’ll have 4 choices again. Please try that and let us know what happens.

    -Scott (Spry Fox Support)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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