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    Triple town is an amazing game spry fox. Congratulations on your sucess and im amazed at the creativity and graphics of the game. For me, this is one of the top 5 best app games of ALL TIME. It keeps you coming back. There is a problem though,…. I want more. Anyone who complains about a problem should most of the times have an answer. So, I do : TRIPLE TOWN 2. please tell me you guys have a team developing this. i know you’re working on road not taken, which I am lookig forward to, but please have triple town 2 in your thoughts. Here are a few ideas.

    bears with other abilities- a bear that destroys buildings and/or greenery if it is not killed in a certain time period.

    buildings with abilities- buildings that produce something as time(moves) goes on. Just like what you have in the facebook version (after a while buildings give you coins or resources). buildings that produce bears and give extra points the longer you keep it on the field, but you can destroy the building at anytime

    split tiers for buildings – that would be like deciding if you want to advance to this type of building or another

    higher tiers for buildings- going beyond the triple castle or 8th/9th tier

    more themes for the standard map – just like how the buildings and greenery change with the season, the standard map should have a different theme instead of the green overlay all the time

    more themes for the buildings

    more types of buildings

    THANK YOU!!!! again for an awesome game. I hope you guys move foward on triple town 2 and look into and consider this if you haven’t done so already

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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